Blending massage approaches

to meet everyone's unique need

 Integrative Massage, Neuromuscular Massage,

Zen Shiatsu, Energy Medicine,

Core Alignment Technique™,

Prenatal Massage,  Postpartum Massage

Desireé's touch naturally integrates  bodywork techniques based on each individual's need.    Her intuitive, deep touch works to restore  balance and promote deep healing throughout the body.  She encourages interaction with her client so that the mind and body connect and healing not only occurs through her touch, but through the subconscious mind, which continually communicates to the body, therefore  eliciting a physical response.  Desireé intuitively blends her techniques enabling her client to comfortably and safely meet their session's goals.​​

Massage for Kids!

Desireé has a special gift working with children.  A mother herself, she is aware of the many changes a young body experiences, as well as mental stress & intense activity from sports.  These are critical times to educate our children, introducing them to positive touch,  physical healing, and understanding personal responsibilityy to self care.  Her gentle approach with children truly invites deep healing from injuries, stress, and repetitive use. 

Infant massage Classes for Parents

    Better Baby Bonding through Touch

Keeping your baby calm and peaceful through touch.

Babies need touch to survive. They need it to thrive. Numerous studies have proven this.  Instinctively, you knew it...the first thing you wanted to do after birth was to touch, stroke, and love your baby.  

But sometimes instinct needs a little help,

a little comfort....

Desiree's Infant Massage Classes will teach you basic strokes & routines to use to calm and soothe your baby and help to establish the blissful relationship you imagined you would have with your baby

while you were still pregnant. 

 This class is designed for all members of the family to ease them into comfortable touch with their baby. We may meet 1-3 times for an hour our less,  depending on your goals.Theses classes are designed for babies about 2 months - before crawling. 

Desireé Childs