Massage, bodywork, and wellness education

for all walks of life.  Discover your true potential through therapeutic massage, body awareness &  positive self care.

Desireé Childs

Discover your healing potential through therapeutic massage. Prepare to discover & embody

Your balance  through a transformational 

60 or 75 minute session. 

All sessions include  Desiree's MIntegration....

 massage &  muscle therapy, meals, movement, & mindfulness. Hot stones and essential oils also included. 

Embody Balance, LLC

Desireé Childs, LMT

Kids need bodywork too!  

Is your child in school? Does he or she play a competitive sport?  Yes, children experience stress, fatigue, and overuse injuries just as adults do.  It's important to work with postural, mental, and muscle development wellness while they are young to prevent future injuries.

Integrative Nutrition

This comprehensive program 

invites  clients to integrate the mental and emotional component to eating with the physical value of nutrients and whole food sources. Desireé provides individual education, insight, and dietary tools to make positive changes and meet individual goals.

Desiree's Integrative Nutritional approach is a part of all of her Embody Balance sessions.